Knock Knock

Restaurant and Bar Design


“Knock Knock” comes from the idea of Asian tea etiquette, finger tapping, and a posture showing deep respect and gratitude. 

Knock Knock

Our design concept is to artfully weave element of Asian tea and dimsum culture, notably the bamboo streamer bracket, into a contemporary visual narrative within the space.


In pursuit of a chic and vibrant atmosphere, we’ve meticulously enhanced the space with a captivating green and blue color scheme, seamlessly extending from the restaurant’s branding identity.

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The mezzanine serves as an exclusive venue for private events and large group dining. Designed with intention, the service station mirrors the aesthetic of the downstairs bar, creating a visual connection that smoothly ties the two levels together. This design not only enhances the overall coherence of the space but also ensures a fluid and stylish transition between the mezzanine and the main dining area.

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Photo courtesy of both kyzDESIGN and Knock Knock NYC